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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Welcome to Dolphin Investigations Ltd

Dolphin Investigations Ltd. has been in the Private Investigation practise for 20 years that includes Security Guard Services, Consulting and Access Supervision. Our investigations range from Criminal (Murder, Assaults, Stalking, etc), Civil (Personal Injury, Witness Locates, Fraud, Missing Persons,etc) and Corporate (Internal Theft, Time Theft, Background Inquiries, etc).

Surveillance and undercover operations are available. Access Supervision is an area we have been involved with for the past 15 years. This entails supervised visits between children and parent(s). In all facets, we provide detailed reports and have given evidence in Provincial and Supreme Court.

Dolphin Investigations Ltd. offers a number of diverse investigative services that are delivered by highly experienced, well trained, seasoned Investigators that all have proven track records. In all cases, instructions are received from our client, the investigation is conducted and completed then the results are submitted. These are usually in the form of written reports (unless the client waves this option). We boast an extraordinarily high success rate and have been highly praised for our professional format reports.

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